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Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori School of Corpus Christi wholeheartedly subscribes to the Montessori method. The Montessori method is the name given to a very special philosophy for the education of children formulated by Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) the famous Italian physician and educator.

Dr. Montessori observed that small children possess a tremendous capacity for learning from the world around them. To capitalize on this inborn enthusiasm for discovery found in young children, Dr. Montessori began developing a special learning environment more than 70 years ago. The method she established has been further developed by professional Montessorians throughout the world and the success of the approach has been noted for more than half a century.


The mission of The Montessori School of Corpus Christi is to provide a unique, high quality Montessori education that gives children a solid foundation in academics, independence, social skills, and self-discipline while instilling in children a desire and love of learning, self, and the environment.

MSCC Past, Present, and Future

The Montessori School of Corpus Christi (MSCC) was founded in 1989 as a not for profit preschool dedicated to the Montessori method of education.  Prior to becoming a not for profit organization, early private owners of the Montessori School of Corpus Christi included Patti Witt, Gail Drake, and Carmen Malone.

Our first Board of Directors included Al Rae Huseman, Jay Wesson, Joyce Wilcox, and Patti Rhodes.

Throughout the past 24 years, MSCC has been in three locations:  827 Craig Street; 2205 16th Street at Trinity Lutheran Church; and since 2008, 901c Brawner Parkway at Unity by the Sea Church.

The Montessori School of Corpus Christi successfully sponsored the charter for the school that is now Corpus Christi Montessori School, a free and public Montessori elementary and middle school in Corpus Christi.

We serve children and their families from birth through kindergarten.  All lead teachers in MSCC classrooms are Montessori Certified.  From birth through kindergarten, all children attending MSCC benefit from a true Montessorian guiding their learning experience.

To serve the growing demand for admission to The Montessori School of Corpus Christi, a third primary classroom for children three years of age through kindergarten will be added in August of 2013.

Abridged version for web use | Source:  Review of past minutes of the Board of Directors


Infant – Birth to 18 months

  • Each classroom has a Montessori Certified Teacher
  • Infant classroom ratios are 4:1
  • Teachers work to ensure that the individual needs of each child are met
  • Language is constantly being introduced to the children (i.e. reading/speaking to the children in English, Spanish, and Sign Language)
  • Fine and Gross motor skills

Toddler – 18 months to 3 Years

  • Each classroom has a Montessori Certified Teacher
  • Toddler classroom ratios are 6:1
  • 5 specific areas of development:  Vocabulary Building, Fine and Gross Motor Skills/Muscle Development, Self-Help and Independence, Practical Life, and Sensorial

Primary – 3 to 6 Years

  • Each classroom has a Montessori Certified Teacher
  • Primary classroom ratios are 10:1
  • Primary classroom is self-paced with mixed age groups
  • Children take part in hands-on learning with a focus on Order, Concentration, Coordination, Independence, and Social Skills
  • 5 areas of curriculum:  Math, Language, Practical Life, Sensorial, and Cultural (geography, science, and music)

Supplementary Curriculum – Gardening and Composting, Spanish, Sign Language, Music

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MSCC Board of Trustees

Meetings are held at 5:30 pm on the second Tuesday of the month in the Fellowship Hall. MSCC parents are welcome to attend the open session.

2015-2016 MSCC Board Members:


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