Children in Montessori schools use scientifically designed materials to build their understanding of mathematics, language, the sciences, history, art, music, and the world around them, while they interact in mixed-age classrooms to develop their social skills, confidence, independence, responsibility, and love for learning.

Infant Program (Birth to 18 months)

At the Montessori School of Corpus Christi, our Infant Program welcomes children - newborn through 18-months of age. 

Our classroom is set up to embrace the Montessori philosophy that is child-centered and focused on nurturing the physical and social development of each child individually, at his or her own pace.  We use individualized lessons and a carefully planned environment to attain these goals.

The caregivers who work consistently with our infants understand the importance of brain development at this early age.  Through a combination of experience, traditional early-childhood education and Montessori certification, the Infant Program teachers work with our Curriculum Advisor to ensure that sensory, cognitive, language, social and cultural activities are integrated into your child's time spent with us.

We understand that choosing care for your infant can be difficult. We strive to make our parents feel comfortable with their choice of care by maintaining open daily lines of communication, respecting the individuality of each family and child by following parent-directed daily care schedules and by assessing and reporting the progress of our students as they each move toward independence and reaching their own incredible potential. 

WE CURRENTLY HAVE ONE infant CLASSROOM that serves 0 - 12 months babies and One Mobile Infant Classroom that holds 12 - 18 MOnth babies.
                                   The teacher to child ratio in the infant room is 4-1.                                    The Teacher to child ratio in the mobile infant room is 5-1

The infant class is 5 days a week.