Primary Program (3 to 6 year old)

In the primary program the children truly make the environment their own choosing independently from activities that they have been shown by their teachers. Children in Montessori schools use scientifically designed materials to build their understanding of mathematics, language, and the works around them while they interact in mixed-age classrooms to develop the social skills, confidence, independence, responsibility, and a love for learning.  Activities are typically hands on, tactile materials to teach concepts.  These material help build a concrete understanding of basic concepts upon which much is built in the later years.  

The primary program is divided into four main categories;

  • practical life
  • sensorial
  • language
  • mathematics

Other activities include art, music, science and geography.  

We have 3 Primary classrooms.
                         A typical classroom serves about 20 children in mixed-age groups.                 The Child to teacher ratio is 11 -1.

The primary class can be 5 days or 3 days.  

The classes are staffed by 1 Lead Teacher and either 1 or 2 assistants.